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At Trident we relish pushing the boundaries of what can be done. We seek out projects of distinction, whether they are of exceptional quality, are mission critical, are technically challenging, or are innovative. Sometimes our projects are several of these things. The construction and real estate development industry requires innovation like every other industry.

Modular & Passive House

Trident decided to create a video series to share knowledge about what it was learning with both modular and passive house construction on an innovative project we were selected for. We felt it important to share with our peers within our construction industry what we were learning. By going through the process we also felt members of our community should learn why this technical approach is important and how it can best be scaled up in places that really need it most.

Trident SERC Passive House Video 01

This introduction to the project explains what and where the project is taking place, why it’s different, and our goals for this video series. This passive house and modular approach fundamentally changed how we must think about design and construction. Modular passive house construction represents a better way to build housing, and especially affordable housing, at scale. We discuss our plan to create new energy efficient housing with solar panels, that will be better than net zero energy and actually will be a benefit in the fight against climate change.

Trident SERC Passive House Video 02

This video explores the technical aspects of passive house. We review the importance of defeating thermal bridging and heat sink, as well as creating an airtight building envelope. We then tour the factory where these modular passive house structures are fabricated, and the superior production and quality control that can be achieved. We discuss the importance of collaboration across design and trade professionals. We then review the assembly onsite, and marvel at the speed in which construction can occur if properly planned. Lastly, we highlight how we see this as a massive opportunity to reinvent Baltimore City as well as cities across the Country. It can be used to combat climate change, battle socio-economic blight, create wealth, and provide ample semi-skilled workforce development opportunities.

Trident SERC Passive House Video 03